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located in Bath, Maine         215.435.4625         midcoastfamilyu@gmail.com

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MIDCOAST FAMILY UNIVERSITY is a family education and resource center offering classes and seminars to help your marriage and family achieve smooth sailing in today's rough waters.  In a day when families are being challenged on all fronts Chris and Eileen Gale bring their 20 years of experience in helping families apply Judeo-Christian values to weather life's storms and stay on course.

Located at Flaming Physical Therapy in Bath -11 Elsinore Ave. just off Rt. 1 across from the Bath Shopping Center.

NEW CLASS:     DEPRESSION - Finding Hope

      This class will help you understand:
  •        Symptoms and causes of depression
  •       Latest treatment strategies
  •       How God's Word can help and encourage you and those you love

          **** With #2 DVD lectures by award-winning Professor of Neurosurgery at Stanford,
               Dr. Robert Sapolsky

    WHEN:  Monday, January  27 & Monday February 3, 2014

    TIME:    7 - 8:45 pm

    COST:   $20/person,   $25/couple

    WHERE:  Flaming Physical Therapy, 11 Elsinore Ave. Bath, ME

    REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  Friday January 24, 2014

    TO REGISTER:  Call Chris or Eileen Gale (215)435-4625
                              or email:  midcoastfamilyu@gmail.com






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