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MIDCOAST FAMILY UNIVERSITY is a family education and resource center offering classes and seminars to help your marriage and family achieve smooth sailing in today's rough waters.  In a day when families are being challenged on all fronts Chris and Eileen Gale bring their 20 years of experience in helping families apply Judeo-Christian values to weather life's storms and stay on course.

Located at Flaming Physical Therapy in Bath -11 Elsinore Ave. just off Rt. 1 across from the Bath Shopping Center.

NEW CLASS:     The Family Project - from Focus on the Family

      This 6- week class will help you understand the family is a Divine
        Reflection of the very nature of God.......


           And Answers the Questions:

  •     Where do we come from?
  •      What are we?
  •     Where are we going?

 "The institution of the family stands at a pivotal moment in history.  You don't have to look very far to see the signs of trouble - divorce, abuse, abandonment, addictions, and so much more.  But amidst this bleak landscape, there is reason for hope.  And that hope comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ and from God's blueprint for the family.  The Creator's design works!  We need to embrace the design rather than run away from it.  The solution to so many of our society's ills can be found in a wholehearted investment in stable, healthy families.  That's what The Family Project is all about." - James Daly,
President, Focus on the Family

    WHENComing to a church near you!!  Stay tuned for announcements

   ***  If you would like more information or to bring this class to YOUR 
           church or community please contact us:

   Call Chris or Eileen Gale (215) 435-4625
   or email:  midcoastfamilyu@gmail.com









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